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摘要: 台灣美景/吳政璋個展2011/2/12~2011/3/13展覽日期/2010.2.12(六)-2011.3.13(日)開幕茶會/2010.2.12(六)15:00藝術家對談/2010.2.12(六)16:00展覽地點/台南市成功路83號2樓開放時間/週二-...

台灣美景 /吳政璋個展 2011/2/12~2011/3/13

展覽日期 / 2010.2.12 (六) - 2011.3.13 (日)
開幕茶會 / 2010.2.12 (六) 15:00
藝術家對談 / 2010.2.12 (六) 16:00
展覽地點 / 台南市成功路83號2樓
開放時間 / 週二 - 週日 12:00 - 21:00 (週一休館)

Dates / 2010.2.12 (Sat) - 2011.3.13 (Sun)
Opening Reception / 2010.2.12 (Sat) 15:00
Artist Talk / 2010.2.12 (Sat) 16:00
Location / 2F., No.83, Chenggong Rd., Tainan City 700
Gallery Hours / Tues-Sun 12:00-21:00 (Monday off)




The “Vision of Taiwan” series of images expresses personal observations, experiences and opinions of the environment of Taiwan. “Photography” has been a means for me to find emotional relief. The photographing process, I stood inside a space and photographed myself with long exposure by flashing my face with multiple flashes using a handheld flashlight. The intense flashes enable the releasing of emotion,  and the property of photosensitive materials that accumulates light and allows “excess light” to be produced in an “out of control” manner and causes temporary “blindness” or “lost of sight” in human faces, and beyond the visual aesthetics in the visual expression form the “environmental” issues and the conflicting perception of “aesthetics” hidden behind the visual perspectives, insinuating the absurdity and conflicts that exist in the environment.

“Taihsi”, one of the serial images, the seawater in front, the oyster-culture pens , and the nightscape of the petrochemical industry come to frame an aesthetic image; and the way of being in our environment such as "Driftwood", "T-Bar" and "Wires" and so on, yet behind the seemingly image of a beautiful scenery hides a contradictory duality and lethal crisis. A “human figure billboard” faces the public indifferently without any facial expressions. Confronting the existing surroundings as if the reality has been removed and only a vacuous context remained, therefore one can only “look without seeing” when facing current situations in the surroundings.

The “Vision of Taiwan” series offers views from the “documentary photography” aspects of recognition of the relations between humans and our surroundings and the “surrealism” aspects of calm criticism. Although it does show a certain level of disappointment and pessimism toward the current state of Taiwan’s environment, but it still holds an ideal of expectation of “life reform”.
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